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2017 USBA 6 - Season Finale
We arrived at Utah Motorsports Campus to typical fall conditions - windy, possible thunderstorms and a mix of sun and clouds. We started off the day 10th in free practice and steadily dropped time as conditions improved. Unfortunately racing would be postponed until Sunday and due to an oil spill and we had the rest of the day to relax. Sunday arrived with damp & slick conditions. We were the only one on track in first practice as we tried to get a feel for the sub-par grip. Open Superstock was a rather conservative performance for us in 7th place but we gathered some good data for the races to come. The  King of the Mountain big bike 14-lap race saw consistent lap times from beginning to end with a deviation of only 1.0 sec before we dropped it down another second for the last 3 laps. We finished the day with a 5th in Open Superbike and a 3rd in F40. Dedication and commitment towards one goal is what wins championships. Congratulations to all the champions! Thanks to our sponsors we had an enjoyable and problem-free season!

2017 USBA 5 - Into the Lead!

With the biking running well and us healthy & relaxed, we were optimistic for USBA Round 5 on the west configuration. We started off right away during first practice just 2 seconds shy of our previous best and started slowly chipping away tenth by tenth, corner by corner. Open Superstock got off to a good start with our RF taking the lead and holding on until the 3rd lap while recording a new personal best! Reviewing the data gave us some new ideas to try for Sunday. Cooler morning temperatures combined with our newfound speed caused our rear tire to start tearing so we adjusted the pressure and went out for the King of the Mountain (KOM) premier class race. We got a strong start but got shuffled back to 5th by the aggressive field. Unfortunately, championship points leader Jerry Hicks had a major highside onto the front straight starting lap 2  and the race was red flagged. On the restart, we got another great launch from the 3rd row and was almost to 3rd before being swallowed up by the field. We were able to settle into a consistent pace within half a second of our qualifying time for the shortened 10-lap race. Formula 40 was our last race of the weekend. We got an excellent launch from the second row, lead for a lap and a half but finished a disappointing 4th.  

2017 USBA 4 - We Fixed the Bike!

After skipping a round, we were back to race on our favorite circuit - the perimeter (AMA) course at Utah Motorsports Campus  (formerly known as Miller Motorsports Park). With a stroke of lucky insight and some ingenuity, we tried a new fix for our acceleration issues which have plagued us since we took delivery of the bike. The results were nothing short of transformational - the engine now pulled stronger & smoother without any hiccups while shifting through the gears. Nevertheless, our newfound confidence overflowed into over-confidence as we pushed our braking a tad too deep into T5 resulting in a minor lowside during practice 1. Quick repairs saw us back on track for practice 3 before KOM qualifying. Getting used to the newfound power characteristics took some time but we progressed throughout the weekend to finish with a 2nd place in Formula 40 rekindling  motivation for the rest of the season...

2017 USBA 2 - #69 and Red Flags

This weekend 's racing was overshadowed by the news of Nicky Hayden's bicycling accident in Italy. Steve Rybarik (USBA's president) gave us some stickers to run and everyone had #69 in their thoughts.  Early spring in the Wasatch mountains had slowly shifted into late spring and temperatures were now in the 50s - 60s but we still had some trouble firing up the bike in the cold mornings.  We were now on the East track and were able to use softer tire compounds. A flagging error in Open Superstock meant half of the competitors (including yours truly) came off the track early but lesson learned - race until you see the checkers FOR SURE! Two red flags restarts in KOM GTO meant lots of attrition and we capitalized by placing 4th in the biggest race of the weekend. As the speeds came up, we soon realized that a geometry change was definitely needed...stay tuned.

2017 USBA 1 -  New Parts & New Sponsors

For 2017, we signed with Hustle Hard Racing who has been helping us at the end of last season. Mark and Brandon are great guys who live and breathe racing. They've recently expanded into California and are rapidly spreading via word of mouth. Look for them at your next trackday or race and check out their new website which will be live soon! Mark let us race the Hustle Hard Racing Yamaha R1 during the last round at Utah and we loved the feel of his Galespeed front brake master so much that we installed one onto the TeamJaSracing RSV4 RF. The brakes were so good that they were slowing down our lap times on the West track! We put a stop to that once it was clear from the data that we could brake deeper and trail lighter - confirmed in the next session. A straight-rate rear shock linkage from Houston Superbikes meant that we had more grip with less spinning. We even had a new engine after our valve failure from 2016. But something was awry with the geometry... 





Formula 40

Open Superstock

Open Superbike

King of the Mountain

Fastest Lap

WMRRA Round 2

The Ridge

May 5-6


WMRRA Round 3

The Ridge

June 9-10


USBA Round 2

UMC West

June 16-17






MotoAmerica Round 6 Utah

UMC Perimeter

July 20-22


WMRRA Round 6

The Ridge

August 18-19






OMRRA Round 7


September 22-23






USBA Round 6

UMC East

September 29-30







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