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Our services

Performance Nutrition

 Our nutrition packages are designed in building-block fashion. We start with a foundation, then stack additional services to produce a comprehensive, customized solution to meet your personal needs

 Summary = FREE

 This one's on us! A nutritional Summary that includes your caloric, protein/carbohydrate/fat, vitamin & mineral intake from your personal 3-day food log

 Review = $50

 The "Summary" package plus a detailed Review of your nutrient intake compared to recommendations

 Consultation = $75

 The "Review" package plus a tailored Consultation to tune your nutrition to your personal needs

 Performance Training

 Our training packages are designed within a proven framework. We use technology where efficient and human interaction where effective. We pull expertise from both theoretical knowledge and real-world experience. We understand multi-sport, motorsport and everything in between in order to match (hu)man to machine required to reach peak performance

 Strategy = FREE

 This one's on us! A thorough evaluation of your goals and current state articulated in a clear Strategy to get you there

 Plan = $100/mo

 The "Strategy" package plus a specific, flexible and customized Plan molded within your individual constraints incorporating best-in-breed techniques to achieve your aspirations

 Analysis = $150/mo

 The "Plan" package plus benchmark tracking and continuous tuning presented in an easy-to-visualize Analysis that  dynamically adapts to your current goals